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Zheano Blog has been offering free internet content like wallpapers, tech articles, and podcasts for years. With Zheano Blog Premium we offer even more.

⚠️ Huge discount for yearly payments!

Zheano Blog Premium is the best way to support our work while getting some extra content. 

When you join Zheano Blog Premium you get: 

  • Exclusive Content – like never released colorful versions of our latest wallpapers. You can also expect some exclusive articles like “What’s on my smartphone?” and wallpapers like “Quite Pink Wallpaper“.

  • Early Access – to our upcoming articles, wallpapers, and everything related to Zheano Blog and our upcoming projects. You will also get early access to Zheano Letter wallpapers like “Material You Coffee Wallpaper” and more.

  • Digital Downloads – for older wallpapers that are no longer available on Zheano Blog or Zheano Letter exclusive wallpapers that you might have missed.

  • Free Premium Packs – like Digi View Wallpaper Pack, Zoom Backgrounds and others. These premium packs are usually priced between 2-10€ per pack.

Why Should You Support Zheano Blog?

Mainly we would like to cover our server, domain, and other monthly costs – like the subscription to Grammarly to help us write better. After our monthly expenses are covered we would like to pay our creators, like Andrei and others who have dedicated their time to create content for Zheano Blog for everyone to use.

Having more money also means starting new projects that just weren’t possible before like our new podcast called The Pulldown. Thanks to Zheano Blog Premium Members everyone can enjoy the quality sound thanks to the new microphone.


What's included in Zheano Blog Premium?

Zheano Blog Premium gets you a lot. 

You can claim all of our premium packs for free and view more than 10+ Zheano Blog Premium exclusive posts. You get previews of the upcoming content and more. We're working hard to create new exclusive content every month. 

What's the best way to support Zheano Blog? 

One of the best ways to support Zheano Blog is by joining Zheano Blog Premium. Your regular contributions help us allocate our resources more efficiently. 

If you have any further questions don't hesitate and send me an email: hello@zheanoblog.eu 

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